Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Message of Chairman

chairmanThis Prospectus is being released so as to furnish all necessary information relating to this institute to enable the candidates to know about the various courses undergoing at this institute. The fees payable, the Institute and the location coupled with the importance of the institute.

We have annexed the application form with the prospectus and we hope that all the candidates will feel convinced that ours is the modest, economical and best Industrial Training Institute in Punjab and this will make the students to feel satisfied with the achievements and method of training at the institute. The Candidates should go through minutely each page and submit their application form of admission duly filled within prescribed time.

All concerned should know that the Institute has not allowed any outsider for collection of forms of fees for admission and as such as forms should be obtained directly from the Institute and fees deosited against proper receipt of the institute from its office least you may not be black mailed.

The Institute has made elaborate arrangements for querry of all kindes relating to the institute, its management, courses , fees, location, route, results, achievements, equipment, library, laboratories and tools ete.

Satyapal Saini (Ex Minister)

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